Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Natural

When you're one with machine like the fucking Terminator you enter a state of bliss that no one but a true natural has ever experienced. My technique can't be copied or duplicated because it didn't come from practice. From the very first time I ever stepped onto the dance pad I instantly knew everything there was to know about the Dance Dance Revolution. I'm sure most DDR players get some enjoyment from what they consider a "game" or a "sport" but deep down they'll always know they'll never reach that higher plain that only a natural can attain. And that's gotta be awful damn depressing. If I were capable of relating to those with far less skills than myself, I guess you'd have to call it sympathy. But, in truth, I don't really give them much of a thought at all.

Girls n' Fixies

Because who doesn't love chicks with bikes